The Journey

by - January 04, 2020

If anyone told me the journey I was going to be for the last few years, I’m not sure I would have believed it. I have always thought I ate well. I thought I had paid attention to what I was eating. The reality was, I really did not eat as healthy as I though I did. Or at least what I was eating caused me to be overweight. I had yo-yo dieted for years. I had size 8 to size 14 in my closet. In 2016 I met a fellow coworker who was a fitness guru! She was going to be hosting a Strong camp, this was a full weekend of workouts. I can tell you, this was life changing for me as it set the next few years on a different course in regards to my health, well-being and person!

At the weekend torture camp ( I say this as we did 8 workouts in two days) I met a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I had never heard of this. I investigated what this was and found a two year course (or less if you had more time) online through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) . I thought, why not do something for me? If anything I would learn more about how to eat well and live more in tune with my body. I made the easy decision to go for it. Nights and weekends were spend while working a very stressful job. Studying every night at that time gave me an escape from the day to day. With a very supportive partner who listened constantly to my nutrition “advise” I had finally graduated after two years. 

I have been my own client over that last few years since graduating in 2018, I have lost over 36 lbs so far! I am still on my journey, with discovering regular exercise as well. My partner and I created a spin/yoga room in our place. This way it’s very convenient and no excuse to not take a half hour to workout! I get excited to help others achieve success with their goals. Everyone can use encouragement and positive tools to help. I would love to help set up a plan for you! Let’s work together.
 Make it a great 2020!

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