January- The month to get serious!

by - December 26, 2019

With the holidays cruising through to an end, I am already thinking about January and my nutrition plans! We all fall off track, it is allowed and expected through holiday time. I have had an amazing year with weight loss, stress level and a newfound happiness. Although it started way back in 2016 when I made the education leap to “go back to school” for the Registered Holistic Nutritionist program. I learned along the way and realized, I had a lot to learn, I changed my eating habits. But January 2018, I was activity conscious and serious about an eating plan. In January 2019 I switched my diet to a ketogenic way of eating and my transformation took a new turn.

Since embracing the keto, low carb lifestyle, I am no longer bloated, I have more energy and am feeling in control of my choices, I love the way I feel and have never fit my clothing better! I had to purchase some new clothes as most of my wardrobe was starting to be overly loose.

With Holistic Nutrition however, is is not all about your eating plan or choices. It is also important to consider your exercise routine, supplementation, stress deflating techniques and your sleep. There was a time in which my job was very stressful, I was not getting enough sleep and exercise was non-existent. With some changes to my career, buying earplugs and practicing relaxation methods, as well as a regular exercise routine, my weight greatly reflected to the changes I was making.

Losing weight or making any changes to your regular routines, is not easy. It is hard, I’m not going to sugar coat it! But the rewards of everyday changes are overwhelmingly wonderful! When your friends and family notice the differences, you know at that point that everything you have been working hard for is paying off. The key at that point is to maintain and do not give it up! So embrace the holidays and look forward to January! It is a new year, 2020! This can truly be the year for you!

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