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by - December 22, 2019

Losing weight is hard. Period. It’s not an easy path. But remember, it usually would have take years for any added pounds to come on, it will take determination and work to get it off.

One of the best things I did was to make it really easy for me, was to create the convenience of having a special spot at home. In the past I have gone to the gym, taken a yoga at a studio or gone to spin class. The one huge road block for me was the time it took to get there, then do the class, and home. At the end of it all I would be lucky if it was under a two hrs span of time. So, I researched and found the Peleton website. 

The bike was too rich for my budget, however, I bought a Lifecyle spin cycle and I am now set. I have had the set up for about two months. I have not wavered in my commitment since it looks at me everyday! I removed the roadblocks of the time to get to the gym and now am doing regular exercise for my health and wellness quest. 
Nutrition and diet are 75% of the “how to lose weight”, but the fitness and exercise component, 25% is still an important aspect of the overall picture. I have found this has helped significantly with my stress levels as well as helping me when I had reached a plateau in weight loss.

So far on this journey it has been easy for me not to give up as I have in the past. The rewards of weight loss and feeling great have far outweighed my previous lifestyle. My advise is once you have your diet under some control, add in the exercise, if this is a new thing for you. F you have always had a fitness regime, then keep it up! Doing steps one at a time towards your ultimate goal can be the key to long term success!


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