The Ultimate Charcuterie Board

by - December 25, 2019

 My favourite part of the holiday season is visiting with friends and family. With my family, grazing on great food on Christmas Eve, laughing and catching up! Finding the time to create great and delectable food can be challenging So, looking for easy and appealing to all is the key. The ultimate board can work for vegetarians, keto, non-keto and regular folk as there is choices for everyone. My vegetarian son avoided the meat areas!

One of the easiest appetizers to make is the charcuterie board. This is a board of meats, cheeses, olives, crackers ( I have some low carb options), spreads, marinated veggies, nuts, berries and herbs for filler and a rustic look. It is super easy, creative and fast! Of course it’s easy to overindulge, so moderation is the key. A times like Christmas, entertaining and special occasions completely allowed!

Some low carb options for crackers is cut cucumbers or parmesan whisps. The other delight about making an ultimate board, is you rarely use all ingredients at once! We did
the first board on Christmas Eve and the second on Christmas Day. You can stretch it out! I bought most of the ingredients at Granville Island Market. A local market, that is over the top with their shops and merchants. Fresh, fresh and more fresh is what you will find!

So, the next time you are trying to impress, or not, and just want to be easy and look like you know what you’re doing, try the ultimate charcuterie board.

Happy Holidays!

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