Keto Eggnog!

by - December 25, 2019

For the first year being Keto it was hard for me to fathom not having.rum and and eggnog. Then I read the back of an eggnog carton at the store and was overwhelmed by the carb and sugar count. 21g of sugar which equals 21g of carbs, a lot. Too much for my new keto lifestyle.  I needed my eggnog! So, I researched and blended several recipes I came up with the perfect thick nog. When its paired with ice and rum, the perfect holiday cocktail.

This is a very easy recipe. Be prepared to take a few hours to have it ready for entertaining. There are two parts. The first part involves cooking until the temp 160F. Cooling this mixture, once cooled the second part is to whip the heavy cream, fold and whisk in. About two to three hours from the start of this process, you are adding in rum and adding a sprinkle of nutmeg.

First, separate the 8 eggs, I saved the egg whites for an omelette.

The huge difference in a “keto” eggnog is the lack of sugar. I use the Swerve Icing sugar as this give a smoothness. But any erythritol or sugar free substitute will work. 

Add in the spices... 
I love the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice!

After this first step, you will place in saucepan and cook until you reach 160F. You really need to use a thermometer for this. You need to ensure the eggs do not curdle. 

Once you reach the desired temperature, remove from heat and let sit for an hour. After this place in the fridge in a sealed container for another hour or two, the comes the second part. 
When cooled totally, whip the heavy cream  and vanilla. 

After it cools, add the rum!
See recipe: 
Separate eggs, add in sugar substitute, and spice and blend with a hand mixer. Add in the almond milk. Add to saucepan and constantly stir with whisk until temp reaches 160F, any hotter and this could curdle the eggs. Remove from heat, let stand for an hour, then place in fridge for one to two hours more. 

Whip the cream to stiff peaks add in the vanilla. Which the cream into the egg mixture. You are now ready to enjoy this festive drink! You can store for up to three days in the fridge in a sealed container, 

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