Movies with no popcorn!? What can you have?

by - December 27, 2019

How can you possibly think of going to the theatre to watch the latest and greatest blockbuster with no movie popcorn! It’s almost unheard of. I never thought I could go without that delicious buttery salty treat they always overcharge you for at the movies. However, when you are trying to maintain and watch you calorie and carb intake, popcorn sadly does not make the “good” list of snacks. From a small at about 41 grams of carbs up to a large refillable can be 148 grams. There can be a large fat intake with the added butter, however the carb count and the calories outweighs this. Be aware that not all theatres allow you to bring outside snacks or drinks. Please check ahead of time before your go.

There are alternatives! Lots. It is all about your mindset. If you are determined to make the choices you know will be beneficial to your ultimate goal, you can do anything! The best approach for you is to plan ahead and pack your own snacks. A few of my goto’s for the movies, along with my bottles sparkling water, are pecans, kale chips, seaweed snacks (always and acquired taste) beef jerky, parm crisps or pork rinds. These are are very low in carbohydrates and calorie counts. Of course, everything in moderation! So the next time you are thinking of that heavy carb movie popcorn, try an alternative to get your munch on!

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