Low Carb Keto Tacos

by - December 27, 2019

Do you need an easy dinner? After the holiday time all that turkey and turkey, turkey, it’s nice for a little change! These are very easy and will take a total of 20 minutes to place on the table.
Over the past year I have mastered the cheese and egg chaffle. When I first heard this term, I needed to look it up! It seemed so odd to me. I bought my mini dash waffle maker and I’ve never looked back. Chaffle’s are a low carb alternative to bread. Easy and quick. Chaffles are 120 calories and less than 1 gram of carbs.

Don’t forget the home guacamole! I added in a product called Dyanas Aji Gaucamole Mix 
I discovered a while ago and it makes guacamole easy to do at home! It is also keto, paleo and vegan friendly. 

Low Carb Keto Chaffles

1 lb ground beef
Taco seasoning mix
Homemade guacamole (This only takes 2 avocados and Aji Guacamole Mix)
Cheese for taco
Lettuce or spinach for taco
For chaffle shell:
1 egg
1/4 cheese
Sour cream, if desired

To make the chaffle “taco” shell:

1 egg
1/4 cup cheese (I use cheddar)
Beat egg with fork, add in cheddar. Place half mixture in a hot mini dash. Cook, take out when complete and cool on wire rack. Do this again with the rest of the mixture. You are done!

Once this is done, complete the rest:

Fry the ground beef in pan, drain liquid once cooked. Add in taco seasoning with 3/4 water. Simmer till thickened.
Once the Chaffles are made, place together tacos in this order: Chaffle, guacamole, spinach/lettuce,  seasoned ground taco meat, cheese and salsa. Add sour cream if desired.

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