Bullet Proof Coffee

by - December 23, 2019

 A great way to help loose the lbs is a ketogenic diet paired with intermittent fasting. There are several way you can do this. I myself will do a daily fast from 8pm to 12pm, 3 days per week. I do have a Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning to get me through!

Intermittent fasting has many benefits including clearing that mental fog, initiates important cell repair and helps improve and levels insulin. This also lowers your caloric intake.

Here is what I do for my Bullet Proof Coffee.

Bullet Proof Coffee
8 oz coffee
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp mct oil/coconut oil
1 tbsp cream
Cinniman to taste
Vanilla to taste 
Cocao powder to taste

Whip all ingredients in the ninja, vitamix or blender. 

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